• Clemen Boje Larsen, Chief Technology Officer

    Clemen Boje Larsen has during the period 1995-2009 been working with the development of mobile phones for Dancall, Bosch, Siemens, BenQ and Motorola.

    From 1991 to 1994, he was part of an extensive research program at Aalborg University doing basic research within binaural technology. Mr Larsen holds a Master's degree in electronic engineering, specialised in acoustics from Aalborg University, Denmark.

    Mr. Larsen is responsible for the R&D activities.

  • William K. T. Na , CEO of AM3D South Korea

    William K. T. Na has more than 12 years of experience with engineering and business management in the telecommunication industry. He has worked for Hyundai Electronics Inc., Asia-Pacific Satellite Inc. and Bang & Olufsen. Mr. Na holds a M.Sc.E.E. in Electric Engineering, specialized in system control engineering from KyungPook National University, South Korea.

    Mr. Na has since 2005 been developing audio solution business with Danish acoustic technology in South Korea and today he is managing AM3D South Korea.

  • Nobuhito Miura, CEO of AM3D Japan

    Mr. Miura started his career with NS Solutions Corp and engaged in sales and marketing for 11 years. Since 2002 he served as Sales Director of Gemplus Japan (current Gemalto Japan) and led the company to no. 1 market share within the telecommunication area with the emerge of 3G network in Japan.

    In 2007 he was appointed as Vice President of Aplix Solutions and among his responsibilities was the development of business with AM3D. With the establishment of AM3D Japan Inc. in 2010, he was appointed as CEO of the company. Mr. Miura holds a B. A. in Management from Yokohama National University, Japan.