AM3D Car solution now available on NXPs newest Audio DSP

Exciting prospects for AM3D as the highly anticipated NXP SAF775x features AM3D's Car solution with numerous audio enhancing features for car-fi systems.

We are thrilled to announce that more car manufacturers are now offered the opportunity to develop car-fi systems with supreme audio quality. This is possible as the new SAF775x from NXP Semiconductors with HiFi 2 Audio DSP offers the freedom to choose from a wide variety of features from AM3D's Car solution.

The suite offers playback optimization with Loudspeaker Equalizing, Bass- and Treble Enhancement, alignment of different source signals to equal loudness, optimization for listener position and creation of a natural sound stage image.  The availability of these features as ready-made software for the NXP chip set means that the developers of car-fi can benefit immediately without any additional implementation efforts.

- We are extremely pleased about our continued partnership with NXP. As the global number one car infotainment supplier, NXP has an extensive customer database which obviously will help to expose our audio products for a wider audience, says Jacob N. Andersen, Senior Vice President in AM3D A/S.

Designed to enhance user experience
All features in AM3D's Car solution are designed to enhance user experience. The perceived sound image is significantly improved and there is a profound surround sound effect. Other advantages are the optimum loudspeaker playback and tuning for natural timbre.
- Any sound designer will be pleased by the straight forward adaption process. The tuning tools are very easy to use and the features are fully customizable to various car models, says Jacob N. Andersen, Senior Vice President in AM3D A/S.

All features in AM3D's Car solution have very low memory footprint and requires extremely low computation power.

Further product information is available here.