AM3D now supports Android Jelly Bean

AM3D exploits new and redesigned Jelly Bean features to create multichannel surround sound, 3D Audio and Audio Enhancement

The newest Android version is faster and much more responsive to your touch - moving between apps and home screens is smooth and effortless. Android 4.2 also includes a variety of new and enhanced platform technologies and supports multichannel audio.

AM3D Audio Enhancement is integrated into Android's AudioFX as a plug-in, creating an opportunity to deliver rich sound experiences for games, music and video players. AM3D has embedded the AM3D Virtual Surround Sound 5.1/7.1 module in this plug-in to replace the standard down-mix scheme with a binaural down-mix. AM3D Virtual Surround Sound creates multiple virtual sound sources to produce a surround sound perception.

When wearing headphones, AM3D Virtual Surround Sound is perceived as being 'outside the head' with a clear and distant frontal sound image - opposite to normal headphone listening where the sound is perceived as being 'inside the head'.

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