AM3D offers new surround sound algorithms for CSR Kalimba DSPs

AM3D is ready to offer its CSR customers new surround sound algorithms optimised especially for CSR 8670™ and CSR 8675™ for headphone and loudspeaker playback.

The headphone algorithm is also known as 3D SURROUND™ and is a real 3D object oriented virtual surround sound for headphone playback. It incorporates a full binaural synthesis based on AM3D's state-of-art HRTFs. It eliminates known problems with headphone listening such as occlusion and "vocal-in-head" effects, which results in a natural "out-of-head" sound experience.

The loudspeaker algorithm is developed specifically for creating virtual surround sound on portable speakers. This improved solution creates a sound image extending beyond the physical loudspeakers while maintaining a clear center.

"This is actually the first time we launch new algorithms to the CSR platform before releasing our own ZIRENE software version, which has been possible due to a strong and open cooperation with CSR", says Jacob N. Andersen, Senior Vice President in AM3D A/S.

AM3D provides world-class audio technology. The company delivers software solutions for audio enhancement and 3D audio for mobile phones and other portable devices, in-car and home entertainment systems. It holds several patents on audio technologies. The head office is located in Aalborg, Denmark, and the company has subsidiaries in Tokyo, Japan, and in Seoul, South Korea. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

For more information, please contact:
Jacob N. Andersen
Senior Vice President
Tel: +45 9934 9835
Mobile: +45 2443 0000