AM3D releases plug-&-play audio enhancements for Android phones

AM3D a leading global provider of audio enhancement technology Zirene® family of sophisticated audio enhancement and audio quality improvement products. The solution will empower Android phone manufacturers to incorporate into their phones such powerful audio enhancement features as Virtual Surround Sound and Power Bass.

Zirene® package for Android will vastly improve the Android phone audio when for example listening to music or watching TV and movies, which are increasingly popular features of Android Smartphone,

The new audio enhancement package for Android is delivered as a ready-to-run, plug-&-play shared software library, and can be implemented into a given phone with a minimum of development effort. In this way an Android phone manufacturer can gain a significant competitive advantage with only a marginal additional investment.

AM3D's Zirene® are patented audio enhancement solutions (IP) that apply sophisticated psychoacoustic principles and advanced digital signal processing techniques to greatly improve the perceived sound experience of any digital audio device. The AM3D product portfolio also includes tools & features for digital transducer equalization, allowing manufacturers to improve audio performance without needing to invest in more expensive hardware components.

About AM3D:
AM3D is the global market leader in software-based audio enhancement solutions for mobile phones & portable devices, in-car entertainment, home entertainment, and mission critical systems. AM3D has provided state-of-the-art 3D audio and other audio enhancement solutions for industry-leading customers worldwide since 1999. AM3D is part of Nordjyske Holding Group, which has a history dating back to 1767. AM3D is headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark and has sales offices in Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai.

For further information, please contact:

Jacob N. Andersen, Sales Director, +45 9934 9835 and +45 2443 0000,