AM3D supplies Audio Enhancement for the CSR8670™ Platform

Bluetooth is the most successful short-range wireless technology in use today, with expected Bluetooth-enabled device shipments to exceed 2 billion in 2013. In connection to this, we are pleased to announce that our Audio Enhancement solution is now offered with the highly demanded BlueCore silicon from CSR.

- The Bluetooth market is in heavy growth, and so is the demand for improved audio quality. The CSR8670™delivers a robust and comprehensive solution for headset and speaker manufacturers, and we are extremely excited about the prospect of improving the listener experience of next generation Bluetooth products, says Jacob N. Andersen, Senior Vice President in AM3D A/S.

AM3D Audio Enhancement solution for the CSR8670™ includes features such as Transducer Equalization, Bass Enhancement and Virtual Surround Sound.  All features are designed to enhance user experience and will provide a highly noticeable boost to the perceived sound image with a profound surround sound effect.

The wide variety of benefits is perfect for improving the audio performance of Bluetooth products such as microspeakers, loudspeakers, stereo headphones and soundbars. Overall AM3D Audio Enhancement is the obvious solution for manufacturers who wish to strengthen their competitive advantages.

All features have very low memory footprint and requires extremely low computation power.