AM3D to demonstrate future soldier solution

AM3D will demonstrate mission critical products at the annual CenSec conference from February 8-9 in Sabro near Århus.

At the B2B-conference AM3D will demonstrate a 3D audio solution which improves communication and situational awareness.  The audio solution enables a user with a helmet with built-in headphones and head tracking to accurately locate voices of teammates, the position of threats, or the spatial location of other mission critical sounds.

- Our patented technology - the only solution on the market delivering true 3D audio - uses advanced binaural and psycho-acoustic principles. It gives a unique and natural perception of the sound as coming from a particular direction and distance, says Sven Vestergaard, CEO of AM3D, who will be present at the conference.

The conference for both foreign and Danish companies is hosted by CenSec, an industrial cluster and a network center for small and medium enterprises who are or wish to become suppliers to the defence, security or space industry.

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