AM3D to demonstrate new situational awareness 3D audio technology using Microstrain sensors

Imagine a team of firemen on a search-and-rescue mission in a noisy, smoke-filled building. Or imagine a squad of soldiers on a night mission coming under thunderous fire. Common to both scenarios is a significant reduced situational awareness: you are not quite sure where your teammates are, because your headphones cannot reproduce directional audio, and you are likely to lose mission critical information when you need it at the most. Now a solution employing advanced 3D positional audio technology has been developed.

AM3D - the global market leader in software-based 3D audio solutions - has partnered with Microstrain of the USA to develop the next generation in 3D audio technology for improved situational awareness in mission critical situations.

"We are very pleased to be working with Microstrain to deliver a new 3D audio solution, which enables a user with a helmet with built-in headphones and head tracking to accurately locate voices of teammates, the position of threats, or the spatial location of other mission critical sounds. Our patented technology - the only solution on the market delivering true 3D audio - uses advanced binaural and psycho-acoustic principles. It gives a unique and natural perception of the sound as coming from a particular direction and distance," says Sven Vestergaard, CEO of AM3D.

The new AM3D and Microstrain solution combines digital orientational information from MicroStrain's ultra-compact sensors with precision-engineered, digitally processed sound using AM3D's patented 3D positional audio software. The end result is consistent and accurate directional audio delivered into the ears of a mission critical user, so that the spatial position of the sound source can be accurately located regardless of the users head position or movement.

MicroStrain President and CEO Steve Arms felt that the combination of MicroStrain's leading edge orientation sensor product, combined with advanced 3D audio technology had created a unique and highly effective safety solution. "Our 3DM-GX3 ®-25 is the lightest and smallest Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) available on the market. This sensor provides high performance static and dynamic orientation and inertial measurements and has been used in a variety of applications including unmanned vehicles, robotics, and platform stabilization. The implementation in AM3D's new 3D audio technology demonstrates the flexibility of this device in providing a new solution for human safety.

AM3D expects that the new technology in time will be used in a range of advanced civilian and military applications. A live demonstration of the solution will take place at AM3D's stand Hall 6 C 451 at Eurosatory 2010 exhibition in Paris, June 14-18.

About AM3D:
AM3D is a global market leader in software-based audio enhancement solutions for in-car entertainment, home entertainment, mobile phones & portable devices, and mission critical systems. AM3D has provided state-of-the-art 3D audio and other audio enhancement solutions for industry-leading customers worldwide since 1999. AM3D developed and supplied the 3D audio technology used in the cockpit of the F16 fighter jet. The company is headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark. For more information see For more about AM3D and to book a live demonstration at Eurosatory 2010 contact:

CEO Sven Vestergaard at or +45 99 34 98 12

About MicroStrain:
MicroStrain makes the smallest and lightest AHRS sensors available on the market. Microstrain sensors are used in a wide range of applications, including medical research, health monitoring, advanced manufacturing, wireless data collecting, unmanned vehicles, navigation and location tracking of personnel. MicroStrain's sensors have won numerous awards and the company prides itself on being both innovative and responsive to its customer's unique requirements. For more information see or contact:

Rebecca Corneau, Marketing Associate, or +1-802-862-6629