Live demonstration at DSEi 2013, 10-13 September 2013, Excel London,

AM3D has provided state-of-the-art audio solutions to the military industry since 1999. We are a worldwide leading 3D Audio software provider for the industry with fully operational 3D Positional Audio solutions in military use by both pilots and ground personnel.

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Correct assessment of information is crucial for soldiers. By combining acoustic measurements with innovative developments, AM3D solutions provide users with the ability to spatially separate simultaneous audio cues for improved situational awareness and reduced mental workload for future soldiers, combat vehicles and fighters.

At DSEI we will demonstrate our new sound separation tool, which makes it easier to
recognize and separate multiple voices and threats; it keeps track of several
simultaneous radio nets. This increases speech intelligibility, reduces response time and mental fatigue -thereby improving mission execution.

At the event, the solution for enhanced perception and performance for combat vehicles
is also demonstrated.

For further information and to book a live demonstration of our mission critical products
at DSEI 2013 please contact Senior Vice President, Sven Vestergaard.

DSEi is the world's largest fully integrated defence and security exhibition that brings
together the entire industry to source the latest equipment and systems,
develop international relationships, and generate new business opportunities.