Experience true 3D SURROUND™ by AM3D

3D SURROUND™ creates a new virtual world for optimal listening. In fact, you can achieve the same audio experience as from a full surround sound setup just by using a simple pair of headphones. Movie fanatics can watch a movie with immersive cinema sound and enhanced movie effects. Music lovers can listen to music with real loudspeaker playback and a true reproduction of the listening environment. Gamers benefit from the enhanced gaming effects, which create presence and intense gaming.

- We are very excited to launch 3D SURROUND™ since this product will have tremendous effect for the users. It will virtually be like brining along your own private home theater which you can customize to your own needs, says Jacob N. Andersen, Senior Vice President in AM3D A/S.

The incredible technology incorporates a full binaural synthesis based on AM3D's state-of-art HRTFs for true life-like perception. Natural listening environments are synthesized using a high-density reverberation algorithm, and immersive sound is achieved regardless of the number of input channels.

As a result, 3D SURROUND™ makes sound immerse you when playing music and movie content. HD sound quality surround is obtained for mono, stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 input content. Combined with head tracking, 3D SURROUND™ produces a realistic presence during audio playback and gaming on Head Mounted Displays (HMD). When turning the head, the listening environment and virtual loudspeakers stay fixed.

3D SURROUND™ offers a number of real-time changeable settings for optimizing the listening experience. The end-user is able to change the position of each virtual loudspeaker in 360° as well as the distance between the listener and the virtual loudspeakers. 3D SURROUND™ also eliminates known problems with headphone listening such as occlusion and "vocal-in-head" effects. This means that sound sources are virtually positioned as in real life, which results in an "out-of-head" sound experience.

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