Gamers go crazy for TRITTON® Swarm™ Wireless Mobile Headset

Super versatile, awesome audio effects and stunning colors - gamers applaud the new Mad Catz headset with AM3D Surround Sound.

When the TRITTON Swarm Wireless Mobile Headset was unveiled at CES 2015, it was the striking looks that first caught the audience's eye. With a choice of four metallic iridescent finishes, TRITTON Swarm is the perfect combination of fashionable design and cutting-edge technology aimed at modern gamers' various preferences.

The Swarm Mobile Headset offers premium Bluetooth Audio and on-ear buttons give you the means for fast adjustments. Tweak the volume, boost the bass, jump to the next track or pause a video - it couldn't be easier to use.

The Swarm Mobile Headset can pair with two different devices at the same time. Let's say your smartphone rings as you watch a film on a tablet. The film will pause, freeing you to answer the call with the on-ear controls. Once the call ends, focus returns to the tablet for a seamless transition back to your movie.

1-Click AM3D Surround Sound is another highlight of the Swarm Mobile Headset. This makes it easy to add a cinematic experience to games, movies, and even music on the move. Press just one button and sounds seem to expand beyond the confines of the headset. This gives you an edge in games because you can hear and locate your enemies before they see you.

- We are super excited to be featured in the Swarm headset - a cutting-edge product with so many cool features that I'm sure it will continue to excite more consumers and rise to an even bigger success, says Jacob N. Andersen, Senior Vice President in AM3D A/S.

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