HD sound quality in the new and improved 4th generation ZIRENE SOUND®

AM3D is proud to announce the launch of the new audio enhancement platform ZIRENE® 4th generation. The platform features several new, amazing additions, which improves the user experience. 

One of the more fascinating additions is HD Quality - A new 32 bit internal data processing scheme ensures very high sound quality with high signal-to-noise ratio and very low risk of clipping. This means, that music and movies can be enjoyed with excellent sound in HD quality.

Another benefit is the new Voice Enhancement. It significantly improves user experience when watching video content on tablets, smartphones and TVs. When voice is detected, the clear voice effect creates a sense of presence when watching movie content on both TV and small portable devices.

Bass-, treble- and level boosting capabilities have also been improved to create higher and more uniform enhancements independent of input content, while reducing risk of overdriving.
- The new ZIRENE® will have a great impact on the sound quality of the devices it is used in.

Users will detect a clear difference, and especially the HD Quality processing scheme is a huge benefit, says Clemen Boje Larsen, Chief Technology Officer, AM3D.

ZIRENE Updates and New Features

  • New Voice Enhancement feature
  • New Dynamic Bass Boost
  • New Dynamic Range Compressor
  • HD Quality with 24 bits input/output audio
  • Reverb option for Virtual Surround Sound on headphones
  • Virtual Surround Sound for mono input on headphones
  • Virtual Surround Sound with mono loudspeakers
  • Output limitation for reducing overdriving in hardware and transducer