New exploration program towards World’s first consumer product with True 3Daudio

One Headset Many Apps

The world's first headset prototype with true dynamic 3D audio developed by AM3D is under development by GN Store Nord.

Today GN Store Nord presents the new and innovative Intelligent HeadsetTM exploration
program which consists of an intelligent headset with an advanced sensor pack  and a smartphone application. Among a lot of cool features such as head direction, GPS position and proximity detection the headset prototype features  true dynamic 3D audio developed by AM3D.

- This is ground breaking news, as this is the first consumer product prototype ever to
feature real 3D audio. The solution reproduces audio as experienced in real  life - a virtual 3D audio universe. The technology developed by AM3D recreates  the acoustic environment and direction of sound, providing users with a natural  and dynamic sound, says Jacob N. Andersen, Senior Vice President, AM3D A/S.

The Intelligent HeadsetTM has the potential to not just be another  headset. The prototype combines all the best features of headsets, smartphones  apps and internet content in order to give users a new level of usability and the total experience comes alive with True3Daudio.

AM3D 3D Audio is a highly sophisticated software engine creating natural 3D positional audio from both static and dynamic sources with smooth transitions between positions. It simulates a wide range of acoustic environments using high-quality reverberation. The 3D Audio engine is based on several years of research and has unsurpassed 3D Audio quality based on AM3D's worldwide patented technology.

- Headsets used to be simply an extension of the smartphone for music and communication. With the Intelligent HeadsetTM prototype we can go beyond. It is
wearable technology in the least invasive and most immersive way. It is augmented reality by audio. Truly an experience, says Peter Mossner, Program Manager, GN Store Nord.

The headset prototype represents a technical framework for development of applications.
Apps are in development with partners in tourism, educational and gaming categories, and a developer community will be supported to generate a much wider range of apps.

More information is available on the website and in this introduction video.

For further information, please contact:

Jacob N. Andersen, Senior Vice President, +45 9934 9835, +45 2443 0000,

About AM3D

AM3D is a Danish provider of world-class audio enhancement and 3D audio technologies
improving the overall sound experience in mobile devices such as smartphones,
tablets, headsets and digital TVs. In addition, AM3D technology is used in car
infotainment systems and mission critical applications such as early warning systems
for F-16 fighter jets. AM3D's solutions can easily be implemented in many
different types of operating systems and platforms. All features have very low
memory footprint, require extremely low computation power and are easily tuned
with dedicated tools to match customer needs.