Optimus EX features AM3D Audio Enhancement

LG launches yet another high-end Smartphone with improved sound quality.

Consumers in South Korea can anticipate the launch of yet another strong LG product. Optimus EX is LG's latest high-end smartphone and it will soon be available in retail markets.

The Optimus EX offers superior sound quality featuring AM3D Audio Enhancement.

The phone gets an updated NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor from 1GHz to 1.2GHz, and now the processor can play 1080p HD video. It features 1GB of RAM and a 4 inch LCD display with 700 nits super-bright display. Optimus EX is just 9.65mm thick and weighs 127g.

- It is very positive that LG continues to use our technology in their Smartphones, confirming we actually make an important difference regarding sound quality, says Vice President, Sales at AM3D, Jacob N. Andersen.

The phone will be launched in South Korea, and like previous smartphone models it features AM3D Audio Enhancement, which makes the overall sound experience more dynamic and realistic.