Rich and crisp sound in Jabra FREEWAY

Enjoy clear hands-free calls and surround sound music with the first in-car speaker-phone to have 3-speaker stereo system and virtual surround sound, which makes the audio sound clearer and more vibrant than ever before.

AM3D technology improves sound quality significantly.
Jabra FREEWAY features the AM3D Transducer Equalization which is a vital component for optimizing speaker playback. When using it the overall perceived sound quality is improved significantly.

Loudspeakers which reproduce sound in the mid and high-frequency range are generally poor at reproducing low frequency sounds. But with AM3D Bass Enhancement, it is possible for Jabra FREEWAY to create the perception of extreme bass enhancement by digital signal processing only.

Jabra FREEWAY wins Red Dot Design award
Jabra FREEWAY is a winner of the red dot design awards 2011, which is the world's largest and most distinguished design competition.

In addition the in-car speaker-phone receives good reviews from critics. (Only in Danish.)