True wireless earbuds features premium sound by AM3D

Alpha Audiotronics, Inc. ("Alpha"), a NYC-based consumer electronics venture focused on conveniently delivering personal wireless audio, has successfully launched Skybuds, which allows you to listen to your favorite music and take phone calls through truly wireless earbuds.

Last year on Kickstarter, Alpha successfully launched its patented Skybuds and Skypack charging system, which combines truly wireless earbuds, a bluetooth headset, a phone case, and an extra battery, providing you with always charged earbuds all the time.  Alpha plans to launch more innovative charging solutions for Skybuds.  There are many wireless products launched in the market, but Skybuds are wireless for real - they actually have no wires, which means no more tangled headphones and total freedom!

"By partnering with AM3D we don't have to worry about compromising audio quality, allowing Skybuds to free your sound", says Jamie Roberts Seltzer, CEO and Co-Founder of Alpha Audiotronics Inc.

AM3D's audio software creates extreme bass enhancement and music is expanded beyond the confines of the earbuds - thereby improving the listening experience on the move.
"We are truly excited to be featured in the Skybuds and are looking forward to see the next cutting-edge product from Alpha", says Jacob N. Andersen, Senior Vice President in AM3D A/S.

Skybuds is internationally recognized, fully backed on Kickstarter as well as a Staff Pick, and has received numerous international awards including the CES Innovation Award Honoree.

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AM3D provides world-class audio technology. The company delivers software solutions for audio enhancement and 3D audio for mobile phones and other portable devices, in-car and home entertainment systems. It holds several patents on audio technologies. The head office is located in Aalborg, Denmark, and the company has subsidiaries in Tokyo, Japan, and in Seoul, South Korea. For more information, visit  and follow us on LinkedIn .

For more information, contact:

Alpha Audiotronics Inc.
Jamie Roberts Seltzer
CEO and Co-Founder
Office: 646.493.9982

Jacob N. Andersen
Senior Vice President
Tel: +45 9934 9835
Mobile: +45 2443 0000