World’s first app to feature AM3D Audio Enhancement

The highly popular JetAudio media player available at Google Play is now featuring AM3D Audio Enhancement for the enjoyment of all music lovers.

The JetAudio media player is already highly renowned for its quality, and the latest version kicks up the sound quality a notch as JetAudio has chosen to upgrade their media player with AM3D audio software.

- This is obviously very exciting news, as every single Android smartphone owner now has the chance to experience the effect of our audio enhancement. For us as a company it is thrilling to have our product made available for such a huge target group. We hope they will receive it well, says Jacob N. Andersen, Senior Vice President, AM3D A/S.

- After a series of trials and evaluation, it was obvious that AM3D Audio Enhancement would be an exciting advancement for our media player. We are very pleased to launch this collaboration, which all JetAudio customers will benefit from, says Jae-ook Jeong, President/CEO, JetAudio Inc.

JetAudio media player is available for download at Google Play. Read more about all its cool features here


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