World's first hearing aid with 3D Audio technology

Oticon has signed an agreement with the Danish company AM3D to supply technology improving the audio on high-end hearing aids sold worldwide.

Oticon Agil is the world's first hearing aid with a type of technology based on 3D audio software that gives users a much more accurate perception of their surroundings. When the hearing instrument is connected to an external audio source such as a television, mobile phone or MP3 player, software from AM3D provides the user with a more spacious, natural sound and a better reproduction of low frequencies. The patented 3D software can create a feeling of stereo from a mono signal, and one of the advantages is that it is considerably more pleasant to listen to music for a longer period of time.

Oticon uses software from AM3D because it is a unique technology offered by no other companies.

Important agreement
The agreement between Oticon and AM3D further adds to the positive response AM3D has received from large manufacturers of consumer electronics.

We are proud that Oticon has decided to use our technology and we see it as recognition of our work with audio. We hope Oticon will use software from AM3D in several products in the future, says Vice President of Sales at AM3D, Jacob N.Andersen.

There is a high demand for AM3D technology, especially from Asian customers, and the company expects to sign contracts with several major electronics manufacturers in 2011.

Impressive sales results
Agil is Oticon's most advanced hearing instrument to date and with the introduction of two new innovative technologies from AM3D: 'Power Bass' and 'Music Widening', listening has never been a richer or smoother experience, according to Oticon.The hearing aid has been available since the first half of 2010, and Oticon can now conclude that sales are living up to expectations. Oticon is consequently considering using AM3D technology in future products.

About AM3D
AM3D was established as an independent company in 2003 after several years of internal development activities combined with extensive research transferred from Aalborg University. The company head office is located in Aalborg, Denmark, and the company has two subsidiaries in Tokyo, Japan and in Seoul, South Korea. AM3D is owned by Nordjyske Holding A/S. The group has a history dating back to 1767 and has more than 1,000 employees working in the fields of newspapers, radio, television, call centers, new mediaresearch, development and technology.

AM3D's patented Power Bass solution uses advanced signal processing and psychoacoustic principles to add a highly noticeable richness and depth to a sound experience.

Music Widening creates virtual sound sources that are perceived to be placed beyond the extent of the physical device. In this way a much wider and more natural sound stage is perceived.

For further details contact:

Mr Jacob N. Andersen, Vice President of Sales at AM3D, +45 2443 0000,