ZIRENE® SOUND is now available on CSR’s MAPX™ chipset family

Exciting new prospects for AM3D as MAPX™ now features ZIRENE® SOUND by AM3D with numerous audio enhancing features for TV and SOUNDBAR systems - bringing sound to the level of 4K and UHD.

We are thrilled to announce that TV and soundbar manufacturers now can improve the audio quality on their products with software developed by AM3D. With a various set of features, ZIRENE® SOUND enhances the audio in HD quality and offers maximum effect on small loudspeakers with a profound surround sound experience. The sound image expands beyond the physical restrictions of the TV and action scenes become even more powerful with an intense bass effect - creating a feeling of "real life" presence.

"The popularity of soundbars is growing as consumers choose to replace the sub-par audio quality from their TVs with high-fidelity sound", said Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President Business Group at CSR. "AM3D is our first partner to offer audio enhancement solutions on MAPX which is good news for developers of TVs and soundbars, as the combination of the CSR MAPX processing power and the audio expertise of AM3D will bring the sound quality of soundbars to an all new level."

AM3D raises the volume level in TVs and soundbars by combining Voice Enhancement and Level Alignment technologies, resulting in a clear voice dialogue for movie playback. Treble Enhancement provides a clear and crisp treble, which emphasises details that are usually lost in playback and the Transducer Equalization feature is a vital component for optimising speaker playback improving the overall sound quality significantly.

These features are available as ready-made software for the MAPX chipsets set which means that developers of TVs and soundbars can benefit immediately without any additional implementation efforts.

"We are extremely pleased about our continued partnership with CSR. As the global number one supplier of high quality audio DSP's, CSR has an extensive customer database which obviously will help to promote our audio products for a wider audience," said Jacob N. Andersen, Senior Vice President in AM3D A/S.

The MAPX™ multimedia applications processor family is a portfolio of high performance, integrated, high quality audio system-on-chip (SoC) devices for Soundbars, Docking Speakers, AV-Receivers, Home Theatre Systems, and Integrated Audio Systems. The family concept enables manufacturers to launch multiple products on the same software and hardware design - thereby minimising the R&D efforts. Further product information about MAPX is available here.

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