ZIRENE® 3D by AM3D provides 3D audio by positioning and separating an unlimited number of dynamic sound sources to create a true and natural 3D sound universe. The solution is purely software-based and is easily integrated into existing software platforms.

Audio content is usually mono, stereo or surround and played back on headphones or loudspeakers. This means that the sound experience is limited by the way content is generated and how it is played back. Furthermore, the sound experience is restricted to a horizontal plane since it can only be heard in the physical units or perceived in the area between them.

ZIRENE® 3D overcomes these limitations and takes the sound experience into a new dimension. By synthesizing the two signals to the ears that would have been present if the listener had been present in the synthesized environment, a natural 3D audio environment is encoded into the two-channel-signal. With ZIRENE® 3D the playback system is only used to reproduce the synthesized signals in each ear. This means that a multiple loudspeaker setup is not needed and as a result, dynamic sound events can be synthesized in any acoustic environment to create a true real-life sound experience.

The highly sophisticated software engine of ZIRENE® 3D creates binaural synthesis using head-related transfer functions (HRTF). It is based on AM3D's research and patented technology, and generates an unsurpassed 3D audio quality.

The engine is capable of rendering 3D audio with multiple sound sources on resource constrained devices. It produces natural 3D audio with smooth and artefact free transitions of dynamic sources - even at fast movements. Static sources can be spatially separated to make the human brain able to distinguish them. To synthesize different acoustic environments a high-quality reverberation is used. ZIRENE® 3D produces a dynamic and true life experience with impressive spaciousness - this takes the overall experience to a new level.

ZIRENE® 3D is generic and configurable. The software does not depend on any external libraries, and is developed in ANSI C using optimized code for the resource intense parts that are targeted at various platforms.
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