ZIRENE® CAR is a world-class digital signal processing solution capable of enhancing the audio in in-car entertainment systems. The solution is purely software based and can be integrated in embedded platforms like Android, Linux and Windows, and is also portable to dedicated hardware platforms like NXP chipsets.

In-car entertainment has become an important differentiator in the automotive market. Devices like multimedia players and navigation systems are now fully integrated into the car by the manufacturer.

The physical nature of car loudspeakers systems makes playback conditions far from ideal. This is caused by several factors such as low mounting of main loudspeakers, absence of tweeters, asymmetrical position of loudspeakers relative to the listeners, obstruction of direct sound path by passengers and car seats, and high sound absorption of interior. The result is typically a sound field dominated by individual loudspeakers, sound coming from below, poor timbre, and lack of bass and treble.

To overcome these limitations, ZIRENE® CAR offers state-of-the-art audio enhancement technologies for loudspeaker playback optimisation, surround sound and sweet spot optimisation.
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