More people are using their mobile devices for streaming music and movie - thereby making the quality of the mobile experience more important than ever. Great audio is a key factor in this experience but mobile devices can be challenging due to the limitations of headphones and built-in microspeakers.

Our ZIRENE® software improves the audio playback capabilities resulting in a better mobile experience with gaming, music and movies coming alive. We offer manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and other portable devices the possibility of lifting the overall sound experience on their products to the benefit of the user:

  • Watch movie content on your mobile device with an immersive and dramatic cinematic audio experience - and be able to actually understand the voice dialog
  • Experience your smartphone or tablet playing deep bass and crisp treble, while produc-ing a loudness level you thought was impossible
  • Get the ultimate gaming experience using headphones with an intense sense of pres-ence and game effects

The software is easily integrated to operating systems, apps or chipset-platforms.

Download PDFs for further information: